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Week 10

January 5, 2022 - Website Updated

Almonte, ON - 2022 action started (and may have stopped) on Tuesday as the AMHL was back in action. With the "C" word back in the news the league struggled to get to the rink in droves but we had enough guys to get the games in. The first game was a close contest between Milano Pizzeria and Coady's Car Care. Coady's rolled in with just enough guys to play and Milano's had only 2 substitutes themselves. It was a game of endurance that ended up being one of the most exciting games of the entire season. Down 2-0 with 8 minutes left, Milano was able to score 2 quick goals to tie the game and then pulled off a miraculous walk off goal with 0.6 seconds left in the game. Great effort from both teams on this one, they will be feeling this game for days.

The next game was a similar tale, Lee Plumbing rolled in with 6 skaters for the 6th straight game. They battled hard but Brian Metcalfe Landscaping just had more air in their lungs and their play showed it. After keeping the game close after the first period, BML took the game away in the second period winning the contest 5-1.

With another lockdown underway we will see when the league gets together next. Playoffs is just around the corner!

Check out the taglines for updates on each team!

The Taglines - What the people are saying about each team this week

Lee Plumbing - Attendance Issues 

6 games with 7 or less skaters. That's a heavy load for the core of Lee Plumbing but they seem to be making it work. They will look for a busier locker room after the break.

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping - Availability

What's that old saying "your best ability is availability". It's hard to knock a team for having amazing attendance but this website will continue to try.

Milano Pizzeria - Coming up in the Clutch

This one didn't look good. Down 2-0 late Milano's came back to win a thriller with 0.6 seconds left. It was a gritty win for a team that only had 7 players.

Coady's Car Care - Just had to last one more second

Playing a game with 5 guys is never easy and losing a game with less than a second left is also not easy.

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