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The AMHL Season Officially Cancelled due to COVID-19

Almonte ON - On Friday October 16th it was announced that we cannot move forward with our 2020-2021 season due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Please see our commissions note to the league below:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this.  Due to COVID-19 we will be cancelling this upcoming season. As Ontario's numbers continue to climb, our registration numbers have dropped to the point that the season is no longer feasible.

Thank you to everyone who registered, we will try again next season.

Best of luck to you all and stay safe!

A Friendly Town Reminder that Registration Closes on OCTOBER 9, 2020

Almonte ON - The Almonte Men's Hockey League Registration will be closing on OCTOBER 9,2020. If you are interested on playing or know someone who is interested in playing. Please take 5 minutes and  fill out the form below. 

Almonte Hockey Registration is Open!

Almonte ON - Times are a changing and weird things are happening all over the place. Just 5 months removed from playing the the last game of the Almonte Men's Hockey League in Kanata! :( The AMHL has announced under much speculation that there will be a season this upcoming year...but it will be a little different than years previous. Let's take a look at an email our fearless leader Tim McGrath sent his AMHL email list just a day ago....

Email From Tim McGrath - August 17, 2020

Welcome to the 4 on 4 Covid edition of the AMHL. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and provincial guidelines this season will be very different, please read carefully and respond if you are interested in joining. Once we know we will have enough players to fill the league we will confirm costs and start dates. Everything you read below is based on estimates to see if this season is feasible. The season will most likely start end of October and be finished by mid March.

Ice times will be Sunday mornings at 8 and 9 am and Tuesday Nights at 10 and 11 PM.

Cost will be $480 per player, for 24 regular season games plus the potential for 1 semi final and 1 final game.

Some key Covid restrictions are:
50 players per league, this means we will be a 4 on 4 league with 5 teams of 10 members.
Players are not permitted to play in other leagues.
Showers are closed.
Players are asked to come dressed other than skates as we have limited time in dressing rooms.
Everyone entering the facility will be screened and an attendance list will be completed every game for contact tracing purposes.

These are the basic guidelines, specific rules will be provided to all members upon registration or by request now.

Any questions please Contact Tim McGrath at

Please share this link with anyone that wants to join the best Hockey League in Almonte.

Important AMHL Playoffs Update - March 13

Almonte, ON - The AMHL is pleased to announce that game 2 of the AMHL final is officially BACK ON. The game will have to be played in Kanata but we will be able to crown a 2020 champion! The information about the game is below:

Saturday March 14 (Game 2)
7:15 PM - Coady's Car Care vs. Milano Pizzeria

Game will be played at the Kanata Sensplex 

AMHL Playoffs Update - March 12

Almonte, ON – On Tuesday, the first game of the finals was played at 10 PM. Now fan attendance is never good at that first game of the final because the fans ultimately know that it’s the Saturday showdown that really matters. To prove this, we only have to look as far back as one year ago when Milano Pizzeria took a huge 7-1 win (rough estimate, no research went into this) on the Tuesday night, spent the rest of the week planning the parade and getting their beers & Champaign cold and by Saturday all they had to do was win during the game or win in overtime and they were able to do neither. Crowning BML as champions on the final leg.

No, this first game went a little differently than that first game last season, both Milano Pizzeria and Coady’s Care Care have been evenly matched this whole year. In the regular season the teams went 3-3 against each other in games that were almost always blowouts surprisingly, Milano had 8-2, 7-4, 6-3 victories while Coady’s had 7-2, 4-2, 5-3 victories respectively. In the playoffs however; it’s been a much different game. Their first playoff loop game meant absolutely nothing to either team. Sam Hopewell missed it, Luke Martin was sick and only played for a small amount of it and they ended up tieing. Not one person will remember playing in that game one week from now. But the first game of the final was much different, everyone was there and came to play. The play seemed fast but composed. It was clear that nobody wants to be the guy that blew it (Like Steve Zorgel blew it in the 2018 Keg Cup final) so there weren’t too many chances that were taken. Coady’s held a lead late where they saw a 3-2 lead escape them with only 10 seconds remaining, the game ended as a 3-3 draw. The stars shined in this game to as Luke Martin & Kyle Killeen “brothers from other mothers” scored Milano’s goals, Carroll drew 2 assists as well while Sam & Shaun Hopewell “blood brothers” both contributed offensively each grabbing a point in the tie with rookie standout Ryan Chiasson leading Coady’s on this night with a goal and an assist.

Although in retrospect the tie was huge the other night, as Milano saved what would had been a near impossible climb back to the keg cup with 10 second left. The game ultimately meant nothing. It’s going to come down to one game with overtime if it’s required. Let’s see what’s at stake for each captain as they enter this last game of the year:

For Luke Martin, he knows what’s at stake for him personally… that’s why he drafted half of last years BML team. He’s got the stats; he’s looking like a first ballot hall of famer; but he knows he needs keg cups to cement a legacy. A win for him, gives him a keg cup; takes a monkey off his back; and he is finally celebrated as a champion and not a guy who loses in finals all the time like Matt McNeely was from 2012-2015. A loss for him would mean another great season that was left unfinished; 0 keg cups; and a full year of getting reminded that he once again lost in the finals.

For Sam Hopewell, it’s to prove a point. That he could take disgruntled ex-captain Zach Farris and do what Zach has never done or lead any of his teams to do… win a keg cup. Sam has the keg cups already; he’s already in the hall of fame; winning the keg cup is more of an expectation for this grizzled veteran at this point. A win for Sam would tell the league that he can leave for a year or two and come back and take what’s his. A loss for Sam probably won’t hurt his legacy in the Almonte Hockey League but he would leave the rink feeling bad for guys like Zach Farris, Ryan Chiasson, Brady Burke, Jay Chapman and veteran goalie Jamie Seabrook who will continue life with a keg cup.

If you are looking for a great game to watch and be a part of come on down to the Almonte Arena at 7 PM on Saturday March 14th. Visit with players who didn’t make the finals this year in the “it should have been us corner”, take in some great action and get your cameras ready to see one of these two teams take the 2020 Almonte Hockey League Keg Cup!

"Semi  Final Sunday" 
Sunday March 8 
8 AM - Milano Pizzeria (6) vs. Lee Plumbing (2)
9 AM - Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (3) vs. Coady Car Care (4) (SO)


Tuesday March 10 (Game 1)
10 PM - Milano Pizzeria (3) vs. Coady's Car Care (3)

Saturday March 14 (Game 2)
7 PM - Coady's Car Care vs. Milano Pizzeria

*** Overtime will be played on Saturday if the series is tied after 2 games  

Tuesday Night Prop Bets

Almonte, ON - Thank you to all that participated! Congratulations to Jordan McCabe from Brian Metcalfe Landscaping on taking it! Enjoy your crisp $20 bill. 

I will post the results below:


1. Jordan McCabe - (21-8-1)

2.  Zach Farris - (20-9-1) 

3. Alec Norris -  (18-11-1)

4. Shane Wilson - (17-12-1)

5. Ian Leisk -  (16-13-1)

5. Tim McGrath - (16-13-1)

7. Brian Zorgel - (14-15 - 1)


Game 1 - Milano Pizzeria  vs. Coady's Car Care

Milano Pizzeria                                                                           Coady's Car Care

1. Luke Martin O/U Goals - 2.5 - Under (0)                               8.Sam Hopewell O/U Goals - 2.5 - Under (0)

2. Kyle Killeen O/U Goals - 1.5 - Over (2)                                 9. Shaun Hopewell O/U Goals -  1.5 - Under (0)

3. Danny Carroll O/U Assists - 2.5 - Under (0)                       10. Ryan Chiasson O/U Points - 2.5 - Under (0)

4. Steve Zorgel O/U Points - 0.5 - Over (1)                             11. Brian Zorgel O/U Points - 0.5 - Under (0)

5. Jesse Cardinal O/U Points - 0.5 - Over (1)                         12. Will Shane Wilson still lead the team in playoff points after tonight? - Yes 

6. Curtis Pillion O/U PIMS - 3.5 - Under (0)                           13. Gourgons O/U Points  (Shawn + Travis' points) - 3 - Under (2)

7. Dillon James O/U Goals Against - 3.5 - Under (3)            14. Jamie Seabrooke O/U Goals Against - 4 - Under (3)

Game 2 - Brian Metcalfe Landscaping  vs. Lee Plumbing 

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping                                                                           Lee Plumbing

15. Stu McFall O/U Goals - 1.5 -  Under (0)                                                   23. Andrew Rowbotham O/U Points - 2.5 - Under (0)

16. Evan Metcalfe O/U Goals - 0.5  - Under (0)                                             24. Steven Beecraft O/U Points - 1.5 - Over (2)

17. Jordan McCabe O/U Points - 1.5 - Over (2)                                             25. Liam Killeen O/U Goals - 1.5 - Under (1)

18. Tim McGrath O/U Points - 0.5 - Over (1)                                                  26. Kyle Speck O/U Points - 0.5 - Under (0)

19. Paul Bertrand O/U Points - 1.5 - Under (0)                                              27. Tom Rowbotham O/U Points - 1.5 - Over (2)

20. Brian Metcalfe O/U Assists - 0.5 - Over (1)                                              28. Nick Mosco O/U Points - 0.5 - Under (0)

21. Will BML let in a goal with less than 5 minutes left?  No                       29. Lee Plumbing PIMS - 6.5 - Under (3) 

22. Matt Peppin O/U Goals Against - 3 - PUSH                                              30. Neil Jeffreys 0/U Goals Against - 4.5 - Over (5)


The Taglines - What the people are saying about each team this week

Great display of timekeeping on Sunday. Great tunes, legible writing on the game sheets, penalties were going up on the clock! Well done. By this time captain Andrew Rowbotham is well aware that he's playing Luke Martin in the semi final. Will Luke bring up the final last year? Will someone try and get under the skin of Rowbotham early? Come out and see Sunday Morning!  

Ryno Motors ended their season on Sunday morning with a valiant effort against a good Milano's squad. It wasn't the result that Ryno Motors was looking for, the league agreed that they could be a force down the stretch. But as the saying goes... "you have to show up in playoffs" which is usually a saying that is geared towards the mentality of playoffs. But in this case it was more of a physical tone as Ryno's players just didn't physically show up to the playoffs. Have a good summer boys!

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping had a close game against Coady's on Sunday morning but had just enough in the tank to take away a big victory. But that wasn't the game that's going to matter between Brian Metcalfe Landscaping and Coady's. They will be playing each other next Sunday morning in the semi final.


Well it's official. With Milano Pizzeria's win on Sunday morning, they will be 1st place and will have to play Lee Plumbing in the semi final. 

Coady's Care Care had a chance to prove to the league and captain Sam Hopewell that they were more than capable of winning without the men's league giant. Coady's needed a win against Brian Metcalfe Landscaping to make Tuesday night a highly anticipated clash with first place Milano Pizzeria... The team lost that chance however; making Tuesday nights game against Milano Pizzeria completely meaningless. They'll head into the semi's in the 2/3 game against Brian Metcalfe Landscaping.

Big Weekend Ahead for 3 of the 5 Teams in the Almonte Hockey League

Almonte, ON - It's a mild Saturday morning here in Almonte, Ontario. It's been unseasonably warm here in the area over the past several weeks. During that time there has not been a lot of hockey played. But with the weather inevitably getting colder, the action in the Almonte Hockey League will get much hotter in the coming days and weeks. After there were only 5 game days in the entire month of December (of which all teams played four of those days), there will be three game days in the next four and for three teams in the Almonte Hockey League, they will play on all three of those days. Other teams will still play during the weekend but will have a little more air in their lungs with Milano Pizzeria playing on Saturday night and Tuesday night against Ryno Motors and Lee Plumbing will be coming in Sunday morning to take on Coady’s Car Care. Let’s take a quick look into how 2019 went for our 5 teams..

Milano Pizzeria (9-4-3) – Milano Pizzeria had a great start to the season. This is the team with the biggest chip on its shoulder from the top down. Captain Luke Martin has had the Keg Cup in his grasp in the past two seasons but somehow left the ice in march, disappointed and frustrated. He has made his mark in league again this season, being the clear top dawg in terms of goals and points which has catapulted the team to 1st place the majority of the season. As it stands today, Milano Pizzeria has a winning record against every team in the league and without looking, this writer believes that Milano Pizzeria hasn’t been out of top spot at any time this season. With a team that is built well from goalie Dillion James (who has yet to take a spur of the moment three-week vacation so far this season), to solid D men such as Curtis Pilon, assists king Danny Carroll and perennial all-star Steven Zorgel, to a strong cast of athletes on forward with the aforementioned Luke Martin and a string of strong talent beside him like Bryden Campbell and his tenant Kyle “Killer” Killeen, this team has done a great job of lighting the lamp on offense and keeping things at ease on defence. This writer recently asked Martin if “Killers” effort on the ice is keeping him in the house for now and the captain mentioned “Kyle’s effort on the ice has nothing to do with his status as a tenant. He’s had a good year so far though and him not being on Brian Metcalfe Landscaping has certainly helped our living situation." Milano Pizzeria will look to continue their dominance coming into the second half of the year.

Ryno Motors (3-12-2) – Ryno Motors is flat out just not this bad. Their record would suggest that teams are walking all over them and this season is over for the team but what everyone quickly forgets is that this is the oldest team in the league and they may also be the wisest. They have had a couple of injuries that haven’t helped them get their entire team out to games which could account for a few of their losses. But they are not being blown away and they have now beaten every team except for Coady’s Care Care which has seemed to have the teams number as they have gone (0-4-1) against a team filled with hopewell’s and gorgons. Captain Matt Baird is contributing again with as many assists as he had goals on the year with 12 each respectively. Baird is one of the most consistent contributors on offense but has had familiar faces chip in with Kevin Holem, Jordan Purcell and Corey Symington all being key contributors as well. On the defensive side of things, Trevor Foster (One of the most seasoned goalies in the league) has went to great lengths to sure things up as he purchased new pads in the middle of the season. Things have been going well since the switch and you can see that confidence rising with Graves, Ellis and Gallant finding their stride as we come into the new year. This weekend will be important for the club as they hope to turn things around quickly and look forward to a late playoff push.

Lee Plumbing (7-8-2) – Lee Plumbing will enjoy the majority of the weekend off as they have played 2 more games they the majority of the league. The team has been hot and cold to start the year and sometimes they have been dominant in high scoring affairs and other times they have struggled to put even one puck in the net. The first game of the season was one where only 7 players showed up and as a dedicated soldier of Lee Plumbing Liam Killeen immediately had his doubts on the future. He played with a Lee Plumbing squad last year that was notorious for having an underwhelming amount of players show up to games, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that this year’s version was different. When at full strength this team has a number of contributors that can attack you from every angle. With that being said, the team seems to get excited to play taems like coady’s car care and ryno motors as they have a combined record of (6-2-1) against those two foes. It’s Brian Metcalfe Landscaping and Milano Pizzeria that gave them the most problems in 2019 as they were only able to conjure a record of (1-6-1) against those two teams respectively. Captain Andrew Rowbotham has recently put up his points as he has recorded 19 goals and 19 assists so far this season. With 10 of those goals coming in two contests. It’s his assists that have helped his team the most as this team has the most double digit goal scorers in the league with Steven Beecraft, Liam Killeen and his brother Tom all contributing with either 11 or 12 goals. Kyle speck and Brad Kane have also contributed in their efforts on the offensive side of things, seemingly getting on the score sheet in one way or another on most nights. Neil Jeffrey’s has been doing his things in goal, keeping his team in close contests throughout the season. Lee Plumbing will get more rest this weekend but will still look to a have a good morning on Sunday to start the year right.

Coady’s Car Care (7-6-2) – Coady’s Care Care has settled with a decent 2019, coming just above .500 and heading into 2020 with a number of opportunities to improve. The first opportunity that hits you in the face when thinking about Coady’s Car Care is for a team that has stacked themselves defensively, their defenseman has had a hard time getting to games and playing with each other. So far this season they stand at 2 collective games where they have all played together. Brian Zorgel (The kid brother of aforementioned perennial all-star Steve Zorgel) almost missed the entire month of October due to going to the west coast to “find himself”. Captain Sam Hopewell will at least be relieved that his defenseman should be in great shape heading into the final stretch of the season but has to realize that his defenseman need some reps playing together to get in fine form for a playoff push. Coady’s has seen a lot of success playing Ryno Motors this year, dominating the team that they’ve played the most this season thus far with a (4-0-1) record against them, they have struggled with teams like Lee Plumbing and Milano Pizzeria however posting a (2-5-0) record against the two team combined. Offensively things have been spread out fairly evenly, with Sam and his Brother Shaun contributing the most combining for 29 goals and 28 assists. It’s no secret that Sam likes his forwards with a sense of familiarity with each other. The kind of familiarity that can only come through blood. That’s right he has put the Hopewell’s on one line and the gourgons (Shawn & Travis) on the other line which has served the team well thus far, as the Gourgons have been doing a great job themselves combining for 19 goals & 27 assists. It would be weird to be Shane Wilson who is not related to either the Hopewell’s or the Gourgons. When asked about being on a line without a brother or sister Wilson had this to say “It’s not like I don’t want to be related to the Hopewells, from what I’m told the three of them have 20/20 vision something my bloodline has always struggled with”. Shane will still have to wear his glasses this weekend, as he hopes to continue his dominance against Brian Metcalfe Landscaping as he’s coming off a three goal performance against the team that traded him away early in the season. The two teams will be playing each other on both Saturday night and Tuesday night.

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (8-4-3) – After two years of negotiation the Almonte Hockey League has decided to right a wrong. For years we had simply named Brian Metcalfe Landscaping “BML” which as a sponsor wasn’t correct as the name (As seen on the team’s baseball caps and newly fitted toques) is the full name of Brian Metcalfe Landscaping. As for hockey, you will notice one thing in particular about this team. Not one person stands in the top 10 in points. For a while rookie sensation Stu McFall had found himself in there but has since fallen off. Every captain has found themselves in this list except for captain Jordan McCabe. Apparently this has been talked about in circles close to the captain. When asked about his contributions this year Jordan has this say “It’s not about my personal stats, we’re out here just trying to win games” when pressed further about this contributions Jordan continued “It’s not something that keeps me up at night, but you know when you get open nets you hope to put some pucks in them” when pressed even further and asked “would missing open nets hypothetically keep you up at night” Jordan simply responded “Yes”. Statistics aside Brian Metcalfe Landscaping finds themselves 2nd in the league after 2019. This has been a true all hands on deck operation as what the team has lacked in goals for, it has certainly made up for this in goals against. Matt Peppin has had a career year so far, saving the vast amount of shots that are coming his way. He stays busy on most nights but that’s how he seems to like it. Defensively the team has had some of the best turn out of all defenseman in the league as all four of them have played the majority of games since November when Mark Mullen (cancer) returned to the lineup regularly. The defense has contributed with some offense themselves with Paul Bertrand netting 6 goals already and Bryon Kazda netting 4 respectively. League commissioner and fearless leader Tim McGrath has been having himself a modest start to the season with 2 goals himself. When asked about the upcoming weekend Tim had this to say “I’m going to fire so many slapshots!”. So clearly he is excited. Brian Metcalfe Landscaping has had their struggles against Milano Pizzeria the most this season posting a record of (1-2-2) with both of those losses coming as 6-1 humiliations. They’ve seen success against Lee Plumbing and Ryno Motors however posting a record of (6-1-0). They will have to deal with Coady’s Car Care twice this weekend, a team they share a (1-1-1) record with this season.

Looking forward to a big weekend and great conclusion to the season!

Season Preview - A look at all 5 teams ahead of game 1 on Sunday Morning

Lee Plumbing: First year Captain Andrew Rowbotham received a crash course in drafting an AMHL team on Wednesday night. Last years Rookie of the Year looked overwhelmed but happy to be at draft central. To add to the pressure, Andrew ended up with the first overall pick. Former Milano's keeper Neil Jefferies will be a key part of this teams success, especially early on as they may struggle to find chemistry. Liam Killeen will have another shot with Lee Plumbing and should continue to evolve into one of the leagues top young players. Look for dedicated D man Kurtis Baker to log big minutes against top talent all season. This team enters the year as the biggest question mark but don’t be surprised to see Lee Plumbing figure it out as the season progresses.

Milano Pizzeria: Fresh off a disappointing upset loss in the finals to BML, Captain Luke Martin had a look of determination entering the draft room. Many of Lukes picks felt oddly personal towards BML Captain Jordan McCabe as he selected several former BML players including Goalie of the Year Dillon James, Kyle Killeen, Steven Zorgel, Dylan Gervais and Keg Cup winning goal scorer Connor Janssen. The boys in black and yellow looked like early contenders as Luke managed to surround DJ with a stellar group of D men including rookies Danny Carrol and Russ McFall as well as perennial pest Curtis Pilon.

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping: Captain Jordan McCabe is walking around a little lighter this season after finally earning his first Keg Cup championship last year. After a few early surprises in the draft room Jordan was forced to get to work on the trade wire to secure the foundation of this franchise. A blockbuster 3 player deal with Coadys Car Care saw the return of Paul ‘Bert’ Bertrand to BML. Bert’s aggressive style of play is a hallmark of what is know around town as “BML Hockey”. Jord and Bert will be joined once again by the always tenacious Metcalfe bros, Alec Norris and slap shot enthusiast Tim McGrath. Adding 3 rookies and 2 former Lee Plumbers in Mullen and Kazda this team will be a new look BML but there is certainly repeat potential with Matt Pepin between the pipes.

Ryno Motors: Captain Matt Baird is the longest serving captain in the league and his draft experience was on full display this year. Selecting veteran goaltender Trevor Foster, adding Last years Defenceman of the year Corey Symington and last years Sportsman of the Year Hunter Graves was a perfect start for team looking to make some changes after two disappointing endings. Rookie game stand out Jake Ellis will be a key factor in this team’s success. Ryno Motors has no shortage of character and experience as both Justin Hemsley and Kevin Holem return to the franchise once again. This team has a lot of grit with the likes of Jordan Purcell, Tommy Savage, Connor Wall and Justin Kaluski so opposing teams will have to show up ready to compete.

Coady’s Car Care: Last years League MVP Sam Hopewell was no doubt more prepared for this year’s draft. Sam’s focus was clearly set on Defence with adding highly touted rookie Ryan Chiasson, the 2017-18 Defenceman of the year Brady Burke and former Lee Plumbing Captain Zachary Farris. Sam was able to add 2 of his own brothers as well as the Gourgon Brothers who will add a layer of secondary scoring that Coadys didn’t have last season. Fans are expecting a bounce back year from Veteran Goaltender Jamie Seabrook as he seems determined to find his way back to the leagues championship game as he did only 2 seasons ago with BML.

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September 25, 2019 - The AMHL is proud to announce that we have joined Instagram. Our fearless leader Tim who will be running the account will be posting pics from the draft, announcing some of the selections as well as the winners of last years awards through this platform. The plan is to post through out the year with weekly scores and fun pics anyone takes. We encourage guys to take pictures relevant (and postable) to the AMHL! 

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