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Almonte, ON - In an unexpected update post. The Keg Cup went viral this week when league commissioner Tim McGrath's wife went to tic tok to air her grievances about the space that she's not getting back for at least a year due to her husband's brilliance earlier in the weekend. I guess there wasn't enough room in the post to mention that he scored the overtime winner to bring that beautiful mug home but in any case the sports community rallied behind our commissioner and our prize for a season's worth of blood, sweat and beers. TSN picked up the post and shared it across their platform and it has 100 K + views as of today.

Welcome to the big time Keg Cup!


March 14, 2022 

Almonte, ON - "The puck comes to the slot, no one around... Commissioner Tim McGrath with the game on his stick.... he scores!!!!" What a dream our commissioner had the day before the finals. Must have been humbling to wake up and realize that he still had a game to play that day and what a game that would turn out to be.

On Saturday afternoon in front of at least 70 people (sell out) the AMHL flexed its muscle as a league. Just in case you weren't there this writer will do his best and try to bring you there.

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping and Lee Plumbing put on a finals for the ages. The worry as always going into game 2 of a final is, will the team that down 2 points already give up early and make the game unwatchable? This years answer to that question was "no". Lee Plumbing was the story in the first 2 periods of this game. They came out swinging in game 2, giving Brian Metcalfe Landscaping all they could handle. Justin Kaluski opened the scoring to set the pace of the game and Danny Carroll took it from there scoring three of his own. At one point in this game Lee Plumbing had a 5-1 lead and the audience and maybe ever Brian Metcalfe Landscaping was stunned. No one expected that from a team that had such a hard time against the best team in the league all year. 

It wasn't until the last 10 minutes of the game where BML started scoring and the momentum started to slightly shift and BML was able to score two of their own ending the 2nd game of the finals 5-3 in favor of Lee Plumbing. 

As the game was closing  you could see both teams being smart about how they used their energy and with a couple of minutes left (although there were still chances either way) the pace slowed down and it appeared everyone was preparing for an overtime session. Which is what the league got.

Now I don't about you but this writer has a hard enough time keeping the same pace for 40 minutes so when I was watching the overtime period I was always thinking in the back of my mind that these guys had to have been exhausted. As 10 minutes rolled on in overtime the pace was high and either team wasn't getting any significant chances. With about 5 minutes left in the extra period, Lee Plumbing had a chance to put it away twice, once with a quick break from new comer Brian Zorgel which was tipped by an impressive poke check from behind and sailed over the net. Not one minute after that chance, Colin Gourgon found himself with an open net but with a bouncing puck hitting his stick he was unable to finish the game for the young squad. 

After this chance, it felt like something was coming and indeed it did. Commissioner Tim McGrath would get that chance at finals glory  that he dreamt of and would not disappoint. With 2 minutes and 30 seconds left in overtime, the commissioner found himself in the slot with only Mitch Lothian between him and glory and he connected on a slapshot, hitting the inside of the post and going in. It was beautiful. BML rushed the ice and celebrated a Keg Cup victory and Lee Plumbing awkwardly hung out in the corner congratulating each other on a great finals but one they knew slipped through their fingers. 

After the game this writer got the chance to have a sit down interview with veteran defenceman Steve Zorgel to get his thoughts on the finals.

This Writer: "Steve, pleasure to have you directly after a finals loss. Honestly this slot was for a winner but you showed up so you'll have to do.

Steve: Thank you.

This Writer: So what were your overall impressions of Brian Metcalfe Landscaping today?

Steve: They weren't even that good.

This Writer: Care to elaborate? 

Steve: No.

This Writer: Thank you Steve.

Another successful AMHL season is in the books. I appreciate all the kind words I hear about the website. Hopefully I don't insult too many people on here too often. If I poke fun at you or make up an interview or something it's all in effort to keep the league great.

Have an awesome summer and look forward to getting an update in September about registration for the 2022/2023 season as the journey starts all over again.


March 11, 2022

Almonte, ON - Here's a quick update on what folks missed on Tuesday. With only a handful of spectators in the stands to watch the first and less important game of the finals, Brian Metcalfe Landscaping and Lee Plumbing put on a finals show. Pretty much exactly what you would expect out of two teams who made this years finals. The game went back and forth and honestly there wasn't too many great chances for either team throughout the contest. Both Peppin and Lothian played great in goal and each team kept a great pace up for a men's hockey game. 

Scoring was held in check until the final seconds of the 1st period when BML defenceman Jake Ellis humiliated almost everyone on the ice, dangling every Lee Plumbing player that stood in his path and even some of his own forwards to. Ellis was stopped at first but Lothian left a rebound that Ellis was quickly able to get a hold of and put in the empty net.

In the second period, it was much the same as it was in the first period. The pace was fast and the game went back and forth without many great chances. Captain Jordan McCabe scored the all important second goal and at that time with a score of 2-0 the game almost felt out of reach for Lee Plumbing in the opinion of this writer. Steve Zorgel has never liked this writers takes though and took that personally, scoring one of his own goals with only a few minutes left in the game. This left BML with a 2-1 lead heading into the final minute of the game where you guessed it Jake Ellis would eventually grab the puck and fire it into the open net with seconds left in the contest.

Take Aways

1. Jake Elllis is a big last minute of play guy. 

2. This writer hates to admit it but Matt Peppin had a great game.

3. Fast game (not common for men's league).

4. Lee Plumbing had their chances, no one ran away with this one.

5. BML needs a tie or a win on Saturday to win the keg cup in regulation. (Can also win if they lose the game and win in overtime).

6. Lee Plumbing needs a win on Saturday and to win the overtime period if Captain Danny Carrol wants to hoist the best mug in all of sports.

This writer would consider a 40 person audience a sell out in Almonte on Saturday afternoon and with the numbers in the "should have been us corner" expected to grow along with friends and family members set to enjoy a 1:30 PM matinee, this game should have no problem reaching that mark. 

Remember that nothing has been decided yet, we only have to look a few years back to remember that a 1 game lead in the finals doesn't guarantee you anything in the AMHL Final and BML hasn't done everything they have to yet to be crowned at the AMHL 2022 Keg Cup Champions.

See you out there at Saturday afternoon!


March 8, 2022

Almonte, ON - Before we get into the AMHL Finals preview let's take one last look at how Milano Pizzeria and Coady's Car Care ended their seasons respectively. 

In the 8 AM slot we had Milano Pizzeria coming into the game as heavy underdogs playing a team that they had only beat 2 times in Brian Metcalfe Landscaping. To this writers surprise when I entered the arena with only 8 minutes left in the game it was a 2-1 lead for Milano Pizzeria and I started to think of cleaver story lines bracing for the upset. Well my thoughts were short lasted as Brian Metcalfe Landscaping would score with under 5 minutes left to tie the game and with 45 seconds left in the contest Bryden Campbell scored the go ahead goal and not long after that the squad would seal the deal with an empty net goal. Upsetting for a Milano Pizzeria team that was only a few minutes away from the upset. Instead of riding into the sunset, Luke Martin heads into the offseason thinking about would could had been...again. 

In the 9 AM slot we had Coady's Car Care coming into their semi final game against Lee Plumbing feeling good. Not only had the team been rolling in the past month but late Saturday night it was reported that Stu McFall (Danny's right hand man) had been placed on the Covid list, the seas were parting and Coady's path seemed clear. Lee Plumbing didn't have their main goal scorer but captain Danny Carroll had a card up his sleeve and decided to play his ace... Justin Kaluski. Kaluski waited all year for that semi final game, dominating and scoring 2 goals for the squad on a day where they needed scoring the most. Lee plumbing jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first 6 minutes and never looked back. By the end of the first period it was 4-0 and the game became a bit of a formality. Captain Kyle Killeen did take the shut out away from Mitch Lothian late. Lothian was impressive in this one and will have to be going forward if Lee plans on hoisting that mug we all strive for. Coady's Car Care will join Milano Pizzeria in the "should have been us corner" watching the finals this week.

Onto the Finals!!

It's that time of the year again! Finals season. This is the time of the year to dust off your old hockey cliches and bring them to the dressing room with you. "Hope you brought your lunchbox because time to go to work", "Hey boys, punch in... time to go to work". Lot of work cliches. If anyone says anything interesting in the dressing room before be sure to let me know so I can report it to the world. 

Let's get into the format. This is going to be a two game final (first to three points). If a team were to win tonight and there be a tie on Saturday the team that won tonight would hoist the keg cup. If there was a tie tonight and there was a team who won the game on Saturday, that team will hoist the keg cup. IF we are tied at 2 points each after Saturday's game (meaning that each team won a game, or there was two ties) the second game will go into overtime, regardless of what the score of the second game was. 

I have to get this out of the way... on paper this final does not look good for Lee Plumbing. Bullied earlier in the season it felt like every time these two met Brian Metcalfe Landscaping would get the best of the young squad. In the scores you see below, remind yourself to look at the scores with a fine tooth comb. Lee Plumbing is not the team that they were in the beginning of the season. The first month and a half this young team was getting their feet behind them like any team in the league after being off the ice for 18 months, then the squad had a 10 game stretch in the middle of the season where they were seemingly lucky to get 7 guys to the rink. Reinforcements came in February and when the squad has played together at the same time things tend to go their way.  Word on the street is that Stu McFall looks to return this evening and help a team that already eliminated a team without him.

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping has had the perfect comeback season. Heartbroken in the 2019 semi final, McCabe came back with a lot of the same guys on that 2019 squad. He built a squad that was dedicated to showing up and winning and they did both all year long. If you think it will be anything but business today think again. McCabe has been in this position before, being heavily favored going into the finals and has come out on the other side with regrets. Look for Brian Metcalfe Landscaping to really look to set the tone this evening. They have seemingly been setting the tone all year long and this writer can't imagine anything different tonight. 

These two teams have played in 10 games this season:

October 19 - Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (4) vs. Lee Plumbing (2)

October 31 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (5) vs. Lee Plumbing (1)

November 9 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (4) vs. Lee Plumbing (2)

November 23 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (3) vs. Lee Plumbing (0)

December 5 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (6) vs. Lee Plumbing (1)

December 14 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (0) vs. Lee Plumbing (4)

January 4 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (5) vs. Lee Plumbing (1)

February 8 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (1) vs. Lee Plumbing (1)

February 20 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (12) vs. Lee Plumbing (1)

February 27 -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (6) vs. Lee Plumbing (4)

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping (8-1-1) - 46 Goals in games against Lee Plumbing

Milano Pizzeria (1-8-1)  - 17 Goals in games against Brian Metcalfe Landscaping.

It's safe to ignore the February 20th outing between these two as Lee Plumbing didn't have a goalie in the first half of that matchup . If you look outside of that matchup there hasn't been too many games where things got out of hand. If you're a Lee Plumbing fan though, it's hard to ignore the obvious; they're winning 10% of their games against BML.

Can't wait for some great Finals action Tonight at 10 PM in the Almonte Arena!

The Taglines - What the people are saying about each team this week

Lee Plumbing - Kaluski drags Lee Plumbing into Final 

Kaluski scores 2 and Mitch Lothian was virtually unstoppable in a very impressive semi final outing. These two look to continue their success as they role into the Finals.

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping - Clutch

5 minutes away from this dream season coming to an end. BML cashed in on their late chances and took control of a game they thought they were losing grip of. They hope the final isn't so close.

Milano Pizzeria - They did everything but Win

Milano had BML on the ropes and probably are thinking they could have had it in the end. This game was close and Milano Pizzeria gave it their all. Kind of ironic that the team that won the most games in the last minute this season were stopped in the last minute of the semi final.

Coady's Car Care - Bad day for a Bad Game

Caody's was rolling in the last month of the season and had a great feeling coming into the semi final. That feeling didn't translate well to the ice however as they team was outplayed and outscored by Lee Plumbing. Captain Kyle Killeen will have the off season to think about what could have been. 

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