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Opening Day

October 19, 2021

Almonte, ON - For the first time in 18 months the AMHL will resume tonight! Who's ready for hockey that starts fast and slowly turns into just trying to survive your shift without having an asthma attack! 

Some guys have been able to get out on the ice a few times before today but for a lot of the league it will be the first time they see their hockey equipment in a long time. Does everything still fit? Did something break the last time they played but they forgot about it because it's been so long? We'll find out tonight! 

With only 4 teams in the fold this season, the teams will get to see each other a lot. Rivalries are guaranteed. 

Let's take a look at tonight's matchups:

Tuesday October 19      

10 PM -  Milano Pizzeria vs. Coady's Car Care
11 PM -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping vs. Lee Plumbing

The Taglines - What the people are saying about each team this week

Lee Plumbing - Danny's Debut.

Our youngest captain will start his tenure tonight at 11 PM. Danny has gone young in the draft this year taking by far the most players from the ages of 18-24. This is certain to remind veteran defenceman Steve Zorgel that his best days are behind him! Look forward to seeing how the team gels.

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping -The Band is back.

Captain Jordan McCabe made it easy on himself. He liked his team back in 2019, he thought they were a winner that didn't live up to expectations. So what did he do? He brought them all back. 8 players that suited up                for Brian Metcalfe Landscaping in 2019 will not have to go sock shopping                                                                       this year. Drafting team chemistry is never guaranteed unless you have an                                                                     entire team back on your roster. Look forward to seeing how this team                                                                             gels. 

Milano's Pizzeria - The Monkey is on Luke's Back.

Captain Luke Martin is getting used to two inevitable outcomes when it comes to the AMHL. Losing in the finals, and losing his best players after they turn themselves into fellow captains. Lucky for him, he's brought on                                                                         veteran Matt McNeely who had the same monkey on his back for years,                                                                         but through grits, determination and a 50 goal season was able to finally                                                                         hoist the precious keg cup. Will this finally be Luke's year to hoist the keg                                                                       cup himself? Probably not. Look forward to seeing how this team gels.

Coady's Care Care - "#Yaaaa Reallllyy"

Captain Kyle Killeen is set to make his captaincy debut at 10 PM against his former landlord Luke Martin. Rumors are already flying around Almonte about Kyle's team never being allowed to miss a game against Milano's Pizzeria. Is this true or did this writer just make that up to get more interest in the league? Guess we'll find out. Kyle has elected to go with a mix of rookies and veterans who have their fair share of success in this league. Look forward to seeing how this team gels.

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September 25, 2019 - The AMHL is proud to announce that we have joined Instagram. Our fearless leader Tim who will be running the account will be posting pics from the draft, announcing some of the selections as well as the winners of last years awards through this platform. The plan is to post through out the year with weekly scores and fun pics anyone takes. We encourage guys to take pictures relevant (and postable) to the AMHL! 

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