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AMHL Rookie Game TONIGHT at 10 PM!

Almonte, ON - Tonight is the night! The all rookie, rookie game. Maybe the first of its kind for the AMHL? This writer has no idea but that stat sounds legit so that's the one we'll go with.

Another year is upon us and although truly meaningful games don't come until February, everyone knows that winning men's hockey games and general happiness goes hand in hand. That's why our beloved captains will have a quiet space in the arena tonight as they look at up to 26 rookies vying for a spot on their teams. Who will stand out in a good way? Who will seem like they are better than what they are showing? Who hasn't touched a puck in years and is attempting to just to survive the 50 minutes? "What is that guys name again?" All questions that will be answered tonight at 10 PM. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression. Good Luck Rookies!

Schedule Complete - September 23, 2022

Almonte, ON - I figured I would break down the schedule before we started the league to avoid any whispers of this writer having favorites. 

Although we're grateful for the timeslots that we have, we generally we have two preferred timeslots to play. Tuesday's at 10 PM and Sunday's at 9 AM. 

The way the schedule is made is so that when you play a certain team once on Tuesday night, the next time you see that exact same team on a Tuesday night you will have the different timeslot and the same goes with Sunday's.

Let's take this writers favorite rivalry (Brian Metcalfe Landscaping vs. Milano Pizzeria) and show you how this works.

Their first game against each other will be:

Tuesday October  11   

10 PM -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping vs. Milano Pizzeria 

The next time they play will be on a Sunday (notice how they have the less preferred timeslot): 

Sunday October 30

8 AM -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping vs. Milano Pizzeria 

Then the next time they play is on a Tuesday (notice how they have the less preferred timeslot):

Tuesday November 15

11 PM -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping vs. Milano Pizzeria

Then the next time they play on a Sunday (notice how they have the preferred timeslot):

Sunday December 4

9 AM -  Brian Metcalfe Landscaping vs. Milano Pizzeria

The schedule is built like this for every team. So there may be times when your team has to play 11 PM and then 8 AM, but the schedule will change and you will then get more preferred timeslots as we go through the schedule. In the end with the 7 loops and then our 1 playoff loop everything evens itself out.

Looking forward to starting the season!


Almonte, ON - The AMHL is pleased to announce that the league has completed it's sign up and is ready to return to 5 teams for the 2022-2023 season!

Ice times will be Sunday mornings at 8 and 9 am and Tuesday Nights at 10 and 11 PM. The season will begin  Tuesday October 11th and finish mid March. 

Rookie Game will be held on Tuesday October 4th @10 pm and is invite only (via seperate email from League Commish Tim McGrath) all are encouraged to come watch.

The draft will be held shortly after the rookie game and  you will be notified by your team captain prior to the season start.

Looking forward to another exciting season!

The Taglines - What the people are saying about each team this week

Brian Metcalfe Landscaping

Milano Pizzeria 

ProFoam Insulation Inc. - 

Lee Plumbing - 

Ryno Motors - 

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September 25, 2019 - The AMHL is proud to announce that we have joined Instagram. Our fearless leader Tim who will be running the account will be posting pics from the draft, announcing some of the selections as well as the winners of last years awards through this platform. The plan is to post through out the year with weekly scores and fun pics anyone takes. We encourage guys to take pictures relevant (and postable) to the AMHL! 

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